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Book Five, Tainted Blood

Stories! I have always loved them. As a writer, I'm passionate about creating new ones and sharing them with my readers. My latest novel, TAINTED BLOOD, is the fifth book in my series, THE VAMPIRE RECLAMATION PROJECT.

TAINTED BLOOD is a love story! Ex-vampire Arel believes that he's ready for romance and a relationship with the woman of his dreams. He thinks that his search is over when he meets a gorgeous woman named Claire. However, perfection comes with a staggering price. Determined to pay that price, Arel makes plans to marry Claire even if it means giving up all that he holds dear. When a second woman named Elise comes into the picture, Arel is confronted with his choices. After being alone and single for a very long time, he suddenly has two women vying for his heart and maybe even his soul. Available on Amazon!

A little about my book series, THE VAMPIRE RECLAMATION PROJECT! This series tells an exciting and unique story of angels, vampires and a quest for transformation. As the story continues, it expands into a tapestry of interwoven lives and lifetimes. A group of individuals come together to resolve issues surrounding love, hate, trust and betrayal. With the angelic help of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the group is also reunited with a purpose that goes beyond the norm and enters the realm of mystery. Their task isn't always easy, but all involved learn that they have extraordinary abilities and power. They find ways to reach for the stars while grounding themselves in brotherhood.

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An Inmate's Tale from the Other Side

In book one, An Inmate's Tale from the Other Side, we're introduced to Alan. He's a freedom loving soul who's been banned from every world and solar system in the cosmos. After being thrown out of hell, there's only one place that will take him in, heaven. When he's told he's going to be there forever, he doesn't go willingly. As his anger and desperation fuel his desire to escape, he encounters more than he bargained for. On Amazon

S. S. Bazinet's book, An Inmate’s Tale from the Other Side

A Vampire In Heaven
Book Two

In book two, A Vampire In Heaven, Alan's misadventures in heaven continue. No one understands how he's managed it, but his heavenly body has changed. He has actual blood coursing through his heavenly vessel, and he's become addicted to the stuff. When he's labeled a vampire, everyone becomes concerned that his condition could spread. As a result, heaven is placed under quarantine. Its pearly gates are closed until the mystery is solved. On Amazon

S. S. Bazinet's newest book, A VAMPIRE IN HEAVEN